Terms & Conditions - OGO 2023-24

Participation Terms

Participation of the students shall be confirmed only after receiving the duly filled OGO Order Form and corresponding fee from the school.

Participation should be for at least 100 tests from the school.

Number of students cannot be modified after the submission of OGO Order Form, However to add more students another Order Form can be submitted.


SLE Class Topper

SLE Class Topper Medals and Rank Certificates are awarded, if minimum 10 students participate from a class.

SLE Class Toppers must score 70% and above to qualify for Medals and Rank Certificates.

SLE School Topper
Preference will be given to the students participating in Mathematics, Science, English and Cyber.
Compulsory participation of student in minimum 2 subjects.
The student must score highest average marks in participated subjects across all classes & all subjects.
There must be minimum 100 tests from the school.
NLE Class Topper

NLE Class Toppers must score 70% & above to qualify for Medals, Rank Certificates, Cash Prizes & Gifts.

NLE Class Toppers are selected on the basis of highest percentage & percentile, shortest test completion time in each subject and in each class across the nation.

In case there is a tie between two or more students, then the students who performed better at the SLE will be awarded as ‘Topper’.