Class 5 Quiz 21

Welcome to your Class 5 Quiz 21

Ths sum of CCCXL and XCIX is

The product of a non zero whole number and its successor is always divisible by_________.

The value of 5th common multiple of 24 and 32 is

2.5 + 3.05 - 4.005 is equal to

96 cm as a fraction of 6.6 m in its simplest form is

Hari bought 40 packets of wheat, each of mass 4.5 kg. If he repacked wheat into smaller packets, each of mass 3.6 kg, then how many smaller packets would he get?

What fraction of 3.6 kg is 300 g ?

How many rupees are there in 6,539 paise?

Cheenu is 12 years 8 months old and her sister Mennu is 6 years 10 months old. How much older is Chennu than Meenu?

2 hours 8 minutes = _____________ seconds

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