Class 6 Quiz 11

Welcome to your Class 6 Quiz 11

How many three Digit numbers can be formed by using 4, 7 and 0 if the digits cannot be repeated?

The HCF of two numbers is 28 and their LCM is 336. If one number is 84, then the other number is _________.

If MONDAY is coded as 123456 and BELT is coded as 0789, then how would you encode the word TOMBAY?

A cuboid box has _________ edges.

Which of the following options has the same relationship as that of MJ : QN ?

A bottle contains 920 ml of mustard oil. The total quantity of oil contained in 25 such bottles is _________ .

In the past, humans made crude navigational compass by using_______.

Which method is used to separate the mixtures whose components are of different sizes?

Streamlined body is one of the adaptations found in __________.

Milk teeth fall off at which one of the following ages?

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