Class 3 Quiz 6

Welcome to your Class 3 Quiz 6

Which of the following rhymes with table?

We use ____ to wipe our shoes before entering our house.

Which part of the plant is responsible for making food?

Find the missing number in the given patter. 37523, 39523, _____, 43523, 45523

If Shruti puts ₹ 50 in the piggy bank which already has ₹ 120 in it. Find the total money in the piggy bank.

Rohan bought potatoes for ₹ 10 per kg. He bought 2 kg of potatoes and paid ₹ 25. Did he pay more or less?

Microprocessors are Not used in _____.

Increase in the use of computers has led to _____.

computers are powerful machines. Which of the following is NOT a feature of the computer?

which of the following can live both on land and in water?

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