Class 5 Quiz 17

Welcome to your Class 5 Quiz 17

Which animal is also known as Morse?

The pouch on the belly of a kangaroo is used to protect and nourish the baby. It is known as

This bird cannot move its eyes but can turn its head backward to see around.

Parliament of Japan is known as

The red colour of our blood is due to the presence of

The teacher explained to students that veins are also present in a plants. This statement is true for which part of the plant?

Potato is a good source of starch. If you add few drops of iodine solution on a few pieces of potato which colour will it show?

Choose the odd one out.

Which animals are most likely to carry the seeds found in berries from the parent plant to another area?

Why is watering plants and grass in the early morning a way to conserve water?

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