Class 5 Quiz 22

Welcome to your Class 5 Quiz 22

What is the measure of each angle of a rectangle?

Which of the following is an example of reflex angle?

How many cubic decimetres are there in one cubic metre?

3/4 of a litre is equal to ___________cm3.

The capacity of a tank is 60 L. What fraction of the tank is empty, if there is 20 L of petrol in the tank?

"Write the next term of the pattern. 123456147, 12345614, 2345614, 234561, __________?"

Pointing towards M, Mohan says, 'This girl is the daughter of only child of my father' . What is the relation of Mohan's wife to M?

If we arrange the following words in a dictionary , which of them would come in the last?

Number of zeroes in 1 billion is ________.

If a solid shape is completely bounded by plane faces, then the least number of faces it may have is

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