Class 6 Quiz 21

Welcome to your Class 6 Quiz 21

The method of rainwater harvesting which can be adopted by individual house owners is ___________.

The nitrogen content in air is ___________.

The active part of air is __________.

Abhishek wants to fly a kite. What will he need to fly it?

Burning materials releases____________.

Which of the following is the most abundant element in Earth's crust?

Kitchen waste such as vegetable peels must be separated and thrown___________.

In a certain code, 'DESK' is written as '# $ 5 2 ' and 'RIDE' is written as ' % 7 # $ '. How is 'RISK' written in that code?

If Monday falls on the second of a month, then which day will fall two days after 10th ?

Which of the following will cause a decrease in the water table at a place in future?

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