Class 6 Quiz 20

Welcome to your Class 6 Quiz 20

Which of these does NOT allow the current to pass through it ?

Shorya was taking bathroom . While switching off he got an electric shock . The reason for the electric shock is ___________.

Why does the bulb glow?

What is the purpose of using electric switch in a circuit?

Rajesh has two bulbs connected across two cells in a simple circuit. How can he make the bulbs glow dimmer?

Which of the following is NOT a magnetic substance?

Of the total amount of water present on Earth, the water avilable for human use is about

No rain or very less rain causes__________.

Earth looks blue from space. Hence , it is called the blue planet. Give the reason for its colour.

Sam took chilled water bottle from fridge and kept on a table at room temperature. What will he notice after an hour?

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